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Judging by the name, we could think that we are in the presence of a very British pub. Not at all !
Although they have a fine range of draught beers, this is actually a French restaurant, managed since a dozen years by a Breton, Yvon Guillin. The name was inspired by the fact that this brasserie is at the corner of the boulevard Saint Germain and the street of the English people, "Rue des Anglais". Ironically, it is at this address in the British looks that we find one of the best French foods of the district.

The price-quality ratio is virtually unbeatable - nice to find along this Boulevard where the prices are generally not "moderate".
A connaisseur of good fresh produce, Yvon Guillin offers his patrons the benefits of his early-morning discoveries at the Rungis Market. There he finds prime fresh vegetables and exceptional Charolais beef.
With such ungredients, it's not surprising that the Steak Tartare and the Rib-steak are amongst the best-sellers here, along with the Twickenham's highly-reputed mussels and french-fries. You can't cut corners to produce dishes like these !
This policy of individualised purchasing allows the Chef to offer some inspired Day's Specials (Plats du Jour) like the Pheasant Sauerkraut and the Fish Lasagna. His cuisine is contemporary, get authentic. He is one of those wha can still serve up an "Oeuf Meurette" in the traditional way with prime-quality mushrooms.
The tempting salads - you can eat them with your eyes closed. Like the "South West", with its tasty duck - duck, which is also served as a main course - conserved, mouth watering meat under a golden skin.
The restaurant also offers some simple but delicious home-made desserts: chocolate mousse, "crême brulée" and "crêpes suzette" among others.
The wine list upholds the good impression one has. The prices are reasonable, with ten different wines available by the carafe.
The Host's choice of bottled wines - not too sophisticated - shows proof of originality too. You can opt for a "Brouilly le Colombey", a "Côtes-de-Bourg Château Tuilleries Gouribon", or a "Presse Leognan", "Château Couhins Lurton".

MichaëI Gridy

«Fresh produce from the Rungis Market : my clients appreciate it !»

Le Twickenham", Boulevard Saint Germain, on the corner of "Rue des Anglais" always attracts Rugby Fans, who meet up there for the big matches.
But it is, above all, the owner of the elegant and modern, yet traditional brasserie, Yvon Guillin, who is the inspiration behind it.
You will find excellent Charolais beef and fresh produce directly from the Rungis market. And on the menu you find all the favourites : duck foie-gras with toast and fig-conserve, avocado and prawn salad...
And the main-courses include duck-magret with sauteed-potatoes, turbot "en papillote" in oven-proof paper with pilaf rice and filet of beef with pepper-sauce.
As for desserts, the apple-tart with vanilla ice-cream, the rich chocolate cake with a custard-sauce...a delight.
another plus is the heated terrace, along with the home-made cuisine and the traditional ambience assures you of a warm welcome where you won't chill your wallet.

This brasserie is renowned for its traditional cuisine and the quality of its produce that come in fresh from Rungis market every day. In addition to its fine Charolais meats and "moules marinières", it offers excellent homemade desserts ("Crêpes Suzette", fried strawberries with ice cream) that make this address highy recommendable. Well decorated, with its large terrace, it is no doubt the best value for money in the "Panthéon", "Notre Dame" area.

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